7 Reasons You Should Consider A Career as a CNA or Medical Assistant

There are undoubtedly countless reasons to go into the medical field right now. Job stability alone makes any medical career attractive in these uncertain times. Still, there are many more reasons than this to pursue a job in the medical field and as a CNA in particular. As you make your way down this list you may realize that a career as a CNA could bring with it more benefits that you ever thought before.


You can make good money as a medical assistant. Or perhaps it should be said that you can make better money with this training than without it. You will be uniquely qualified to get a job that makes more money.

Increasing Demand

While the demand for many jobs seems to be shrinking by the day, the demand for individuals with CNA training continues to grow. Medical care is one area where individuals cannot cut back as easily, even in hard times. Those who need medical care still need it and these numbers are on the rise. The always expanding segment of the population that is elderly individuals with health problems is not going anywhere but straight to medical facilities where CNA trained individuals will help to provide care for them.

Work Anywhere

For some careers, you have to move to certain areas to be successful or to even find a job. This is not the case if you are a CNA. Medical assistants are needed wherever there are medical facilities and there are medical facilities wherever there are people. This means that with your CNA training you will be able to find a job almost anywhere.

A Chance To Help

If you want a career that has a higher purpose behind it then look no further than being a CNA. You will be providing care to those who need it on a daily basis and this type of service is rewarding for anyone who wishes to spend their life helping others. Your direct contact with patients will show you just how much of a difference you can make in this world.

Career Options

Medical assistants can do much more than just pick what part of the country they want to work in. They can also work in a variety of medical facilities. Medical assistants, or home health aides as they are often called, are needed around the clock. Patients need direct care at all times so your schedule is not limited to a 9 to 5 arrangement. The potential to work in different facilities and on different shifts is more flexibility than you will find from most careers.

A Stepping Stone

You do not need to end your education with your CNA training. Many medical facilities will offer tuition assistance for those wishing to continue their training in order to become a registered nurse. This assistance, coupled with the priceless experience that you get while working as a CNA, can make becoming a registered nurse a natural progression. This career advancement will also allow you to increase your earning potential.

A Quick Start

While many careers in the medical field require years of training, you can become a CNA in a short amount of time. In less than the time it takes to complete one semester of coursework for other medical training you could have your CNA training and be working in the field. These are 7 reasons you should consider a career as a CNA or medical assistant. This job appears to have nothing but benefits. As long as you want to help people, make good money, have choices, and have a future then this career is for you.