Everyone’s eyes are on the medical field right now. It is one of the few job fields that appears to be untouched by economic circumstances. Instead of the number of medical jobs decreasing, the demand continues to go up. If you want a steady job opportunity that will be there no matter what the economy does then the medical field is for you. And one of the popular positions you should consider is a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Average Salary

The average salary for a CNA usually falls between $20,000 to $27,000 each year. How much you make is influenced by numerous factors including how much experience you have and what medical setting you work in. And do not think that the career options for you end here. You can always use your CNA training as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Career Options

Those trained as Certified Nursing Assistants have many choices of where to work. You will be providing care directly to patients under the supervision of a nurse. Your job title may be orderly, home health aide, patient care technician, or nurse’s aide.

You responsibilities may include assisting patients with basic hygiene tasks, feeding them, and checking vital signs. You will report to a nurse and provide emotional support for patients as well. You could also use your CNA training as a platform from which you can become a registered nurse. This is one way that you can take what you know and use it to launch into a new career.

As a CNA you can make a good salary and you have numerous career options. You may work in any medical setting where patients need the care that you provide and you could continue your education later if you wish to become a full fledged registered nurse. And you will always know that your job field will be in demand.