7 Ways to Find a High Paying Medical Job 

Even though money doesn’t grow on trees, if it did, you’d have to climb a very tall career-ladder to reach the big bucks at the top. The Medical profession is no different: the high paying jobs require more education than the lower paying jobs. It’s not true that any job in healthcare will pay well, but here are some ways you can find the jobs that do pay.

  1. The more education you have, the more money you can count on in your paycheck. RNs make more money than LVNs for just one more year of school in most cases. In fact, The College Network of online accredited universities offers LPN/LVN to RN programs with fast-track options available to make it even easier to increase your pay through advanced education.
  2. Specialization is another way to demand higher pay. Pediatric nurses who specialize in emergency care for children are paid better than general nurses or just pediatric nurses for example.
  3. If you are willing to travel, Travel Nursing agencies will be willing to pay you for your flexibility as well as provide housing and benefits.
  4. Learn about the tech side of things. Medical Assistants, technicians and technologists – the men and women who work the MRI machines and other medical test equipment – make very good money. With so many online training programs, it’s an easy and rewarding field to go into.
  5. Finding high paying medical jobs sometimes comes down to location. Find out where medical professionals are paid most by looking up statistics provided on government websites. California, Florida, and New York are among the top paying states for nurses – although they are also among the most expensive states to live in.
  6. Medical careers aren’t confined to hospitals. Dental Hygienists not only are paid well, but often work in small practices with hours that accommodate family life.
  7. Anesthesiology was the number one highest paying profession on a list of the 25 best paying jobs of 2004 – and not a lot has changed since then. The bottom line is, if you want to earn the most money in a medical career, become a doctor!